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About Fictron

The climate for storytelling is always changing and evolving, so why then is linear literature in the codex medium seen as a sort of archetypal "default" of fiction? Modern books have only been around for a few centuries, after all, and with newer technologies, there's no telling how fiction may evolve in the future.

At Fictron, we examine new, unusual, and off-beat works of fiction, in both medium and methodology. Whether it's unconventional narrative styles, esoteric plot lines, or genre-defying mediums, we're here to discuss and critique these intriguing ventures in fiction.


There are podcasts about ARGs, creepypastas, and various other flavors of alt-fic alone, but nothing that I've found encompasses the broad expanse of new-age fiction entirely. The inventive ideas people have that continue to push the boundary of what fiction can be are remarkable, and deserve to be explored and dissected with the same integrity that we give the literary classics.


The People Behind Fictron


Béla Oehser - Host and Creator of Fictron

Béla Oehser is your run-of-the-mill new-age hipster with an art degree. His love of everything avant-garde would eventually lead to him create Fictron. He loves all kinds of fiction, but especially favors those which blur the line between fiction and reality. Béla is also a digital artist, and is currently experimenting with controlled JPEG artifacting in his work to enhance aesthetic value.


Izzy Idsardi - Fictron Co-Host and Illustrator

Izzy Idsardi is a full-time freelance illustrator, part-time arachnid enthusiast, and life-long prisoner of the internet. While her interests often lie in the realm of obscure, terminally online subcultures and traditional media analysis, her affinity for horror, bad fanfic, and the personal fiction-meets-reality nature of ARGs have lead her to discover a treasure trove of alternative fiction the internet has to offer. Izzy also loves tarantulas. Please send her tarantulas.


Peter Daniel Berg - Fictron Co-Host and Advisor

Peter Daniel Berg is a writer and game developer. He loves interactive fiction and pulp sci-fi. His style comprises deadpan low-fi conceptual sci-fi with deep worldbuilding and intricate in-jokes. He gets inspiration mainly through dreams and through seeking to improve on existing stories. Other interests include retro technology, linguistics, speculative evolution, fitness, and mashups.

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